Simulation and Control of Hydraulic Actuated Winch Systems in SimulationX

This article describes a simulation model of a hydraulic actuated constant tension winch system in SimulationX® 3.5 using a combination of libraries available in the software.

The libraries allows the user to develop interdisciplinary simulation models fast and efficient. The model can easily be changed and expanded to i.e. a electrical drive, and more complex control algorithms can be tested through simulation.

SimulationX® simplifies the modeling and simulation and makes this technique available for more engineers. The systems can be virtually tested and the system limits can be identified without the risk of damage and the high cost of physical tests. SimulationX® facilitates a variety of co-simulation and code export opportunities. Hence, the user has all kind of possibilities to interface with other simulation software or to interface with i.e. controller hardware. SimulationX® can then be used in pilot studies as well as the hardware test of i.e. controllers.

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