Knut Erik Myren

Knut Erik Myren, aged 65, joined Agito in 2018 and assumed the role of CEO in 2021. He is based primarily at the Kongsberg office.

Get to know Knut Erik Myren

Knut Erik Myren, aged 65, joined Agito in 2018 and assumed the role of CEO in 2021. He is based primarily at the Kongsberg office.

Knut Erik Myren Agito

From military service to business leadership: Knut Erik’s diverse career journey

Knut Erik has a background of over 20 years in the military and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He worked for a total of 15 years at FMC and several years at Dresser Rand. He has been involved in starting several businesses and has been working in the oil, gas, and underwater industry since 1998.

When he started at Agito in 2018, he was employed as an administrative assistant.

“When I started at Agito, I was also contracted by FMC. I worked at FMC during the day and worked on Agito-related tasks in the evenings, totaling almost a 150 percent position.”

Embracing flexibility: Knut Erik’s CEO journey and work-life balance

In 2021, he took on the position of CEO but opted for a work arrangement where he dedicates 60% of his time. His duties encompass customer follow-up, proposal management, reporting, administration, and financial oversight.

“I used to work a lot all the time. Now, I try to schedule my workdays so that I work a lot at the beginning of the week and have time for my own hobbies towards the end of the week.”

Knut Erik finds it wonderful to work for a company that allows flexibility in both work location and hours.

For Knut Erik, heading home to the couch after work is not appealing. He spends his free time actively.

“I’ve held various roles throughout my career, and this will be my final one before retirement. It’s quite satisfying to conclude my working life with my ‘own’ small company. Working in a smaller organization provides the opportunity to customize my workday, a feature I truly value.”

Knut Erik’s outdoor escapes: Skiing, mountain trips, and motorcycle adventures

“I have three major hobbies. I’m actively involved in a wind band, I have a motorcycle, and I do a lot of cross-country skiing. Much of my spare time is also spent at the cabin, with my wife, children, and grandchildren.”

He describes himself as a passionate skier.

“During a successful winter, I cover a distance of 1700 kilometers on skis. This is one of the advantages of my job here – I can complete my work duties as early as Wednesday and head to the mountains on Wednesday evening.”

Knut and his family have a cabin in the mountains at Blefjell. He spends a lot of time at the cabin, and it may not come as a surprise when Knut Erik reveals that his favorite season is winter.

“But summer isn’t too bad either. I spend it on the motorcycle. As long as the weather holds up, I spend many hours on the bike every summer. My main dream is to take a long trip to Northern Norway.”

Knut Erik Myren Agito

“The decision to purchase a motorcycle was rather spontaneous.”

In fact, he bought a motorcycle before getting his motorcycle license.

“The decision to purchase a motorcycle was rather spontaneous. It all began when a friend of mine, who owned a motorcycle, suggested that I should get one as well. In 2006, while casually flipping through a magazine, I pondered the idea of buying a motorcycle. After a brief discussion with my wife, who gave her approval, I wasted no time and swiftly made the purchase before she could have a change of heart.”

“I didn’t have the motorcycle license when I bought the bike, so my friend had to ride it home for me,” Knut Erik recalls with a laugh.

Exploring NATO perspectives over dinner

Among his other hobbies are hiking in the forest and mountains, cycling, and roller skiing. He also finds time for carpentry and cabin renovations.

“I’m keen on staying young and fit, at least fit. I believe that’s very important, to have something to do, not just sit still.”

He started playing in the wind band when he was just 13 years old. He played the clarinet actively with hardly any breaks since then. It was during a music rehearsal with the band that he crossed paths with his future wife. Today, the entire family is actively involved in the band, and come May 17th, you’ll spot them leading the parade.

If you could choose anyone to invite to dinner, who would you choose and why?

“I would extend an invitation to Jens Stoltenberg to gain deeper insights into NATO’s perspective on the conflict in Ukraine and the organization’s expansion plans.”

What’s your favorite dish?

“Steak! Medium-rare.”