Agito is always on the lookout for talented individuals 

Agito is on the lookout for new employes. 

Do you aspire to have the opportunity to influence your daily routine and assume a leadership role within a rapidly expanding company? If so, a career in management, sales and marketing, or as an analytical employee at Agito might be the right fit for you. 

Over the past 35+ years, Agito’s engineers have accumulated extensive knowledge of control systems and dynamic simulation. This knowledge enables us to assist our clients in accurately analyzing their dynamic systems. 

Agito also offers regular training courses that focus on comprehending the simulation of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems. The training courses available include General Hydraulics, Subsea Hydraulics, Basic Simulation, Subsea Simulation, Multibody Dynamics, and SimulationX Software. 

Agito’s ongoing recruitment efforts to secure successors for retiring employees at the Kongsberg Office

Several of Agito’s existing employees are approaching retirement in the coming years, and we are actively seeking their successors as we invite new team members to join our Kongsberg office, says Odd Kittelsen, Chairman of Agito. 

We are always on the lookout for exceptional individuals in all disciplines. We will be needing analytical employees and managers.  

At Agito, you have significant influence and the prospect to structure your daily life according to your preferences. 

“I like to say that here, we can make a decision before lunch and implement it after lunch,” Knut Erik Myren, Chief Executive Officer of Agito, adds with a smile.  

Agito’s CEO emphasizes flexibility and autonomy in decision making and work Environment

He highlights the flexibility and the opportunity to work from home, as well as the ability to manage your own workday, as significant advantages of working at Agito. 

“For those who choose to work with us, they will have a substantial influence on the company’s development and its ongoing operations. If I were to wish for the perfect candidate, we are looking for someone who can perform analyses using Simulation X here in Kongsberg. Someone who can be both the general manager and the technical director,” states Knut Erik Myren. 

Agito has offices in Kongsberg and England. In England, analytical work is carried out, while in Norway, we house the sales and marketing department. 

“We are searching for individuals with a technical background, who have education and experience in the oil and gas industry and/or maritime experience. It would be a plus if you have worked for one of our clients in the past,” notes Odd Kittelsen. 

“What we currently lack is someone who can conduct analyses here in Kongsberg. The ideal scenario would be if someone can be both the general manager and the technical director. That would make them a perfect fit for us,” Myren adds.