Agito best year 2023

Record year for Agito – Delivering on both revenue and results

Agito achieved a remarkable milestone in 2023, setting new records in both revenue and results.

“We had an incredible number of projects last year and collaborated with many exciting clients, both existing ones and numerous new American clients,” says Agito’s CEO, Knut Erik Myren.

In total, Agito successfully executed 25 unique projects in 2023, with Aker Solutions standing out as one of the largest clients and projects from the previous year.

“Our industry experiences significant fluctuations. In 2021, we went almost an entire year without securing a single project. Fortunately, we had several ongoing jobs from the previous year. In 2023, the influx of clients was so substantial that we set records across the board. It was an exhilarating experience, and everyone contributed exceptionally well,” notes Knut Erik Myren.

Sustained Success: Navigating industry fluctuations and fuilding a robust client network

Reflecting on the success, Myren acknowledges the systematic and excellent work towards existing and past clients as a crucial factor.

“We have several people reaching out to us, having learned about our services through their connections and receiving recommendations. This has resulted in a substantial word-of-mouth network. It’s incredibly gratifying, and our positive track record with previous clients plays a pivotal role in their return,” adds Myren with a smile.

Agito is actively seeking additional personnel

To ensure that 2024 mirrors the success of 2023, Agito is actively seeking additional personnel.

“We are seeking individuals passionate about their work, who recognize the advantages of working in a smaller company, and who find satisfaction in having significant control over their daily tasks. We particularly encourage those with a technical background, preferably engineers with education in the oil and gas or maritime sector, to apply.”

Expertise beyond decades: Agito’s pioneering role in control systems and dynamic simulation

In their 35+ years of experience, Agito’s engineers have amassed extensive knowledge in control systems and dynamic simulation, enabling precise analysis of clients’ dynamic systems. The company also offers regular training courses focusing on mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical system simulation. These courses include General Hydraulics, Subsea Hydraulics, Basic Simulation, Subsea Simulation, Multibody Dynamics, and SimulationX Software.

“We are currently seeking an individual capable of conducting analyses using Simulation X here in Kongsberg. This role involves a dual responsibility, also covering sales and marketing or general manager, explains Knut Erik.