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Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical analyses as well as modeling and dynamic simulations. Our engineers are using the state-of-the-art CAE software SimulationX®

Agito Academy

Agito offers regular training courses focusing on understanding simulation of mechanical, hydraulical and electrical systems


The universal CAE tool for modeling, analyzing and optimizing complex systems on a single software platform; with subsea libraries to meet the unique needs of this industry.


Applied Flow Technology software sets the standard in piping network flow technology

Why us?


Our creative work environment attracts bright engineers that want to conquer the never ending new challenges in this industry.

Cutting Edge

Our understanding of the unique challenges in the subsea industry allows us to develop state of the art tools for analyzing complex dynamic systems.

Problem solvers

Our resources come with many years of hands-on experience allowing us to support all your simulation needs.


We are a fully independent company and our specialized engineers are 100% focused on optimizing our clients dynamic systems – solely, discretely and dependably for them.

30+ Years Experience

Agito’s engineers have gained extensive knowledge of control systems and dynamic simulation.  This knowledge allows us to help our clients accurately analyze their dynamic systems.

Great Support

Local support at all project levels from initial studies to final testing and verification.

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