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Record year for Agito – Delivering on both revenue and results

Agito achieved a remarkable milestone in 2023, setting new records in both revenue and results. “We had an incredible number of projects last year and collaborated with many exciting clients, both existing ones and numerous new American clients,” says Agito’s CEO, Knut Erik Myren. In total, Agito successfully executed 25 unique projects in 2023, with […]

Agito is always on the lookout for talented individuals 

Agito is on the lookout for new employes.  Do you aspire to have the opportunity to influence your daily routine and assume a leadership role within a rapidly expanding company? If so, a career in management, sales and marketing, or as an analytical employee at Agito might be the right fit for you.  Over the […]

AGITO provides simulation tools for a unique world-class pilot project

Agito is involved in an exciting collaboration project with the offshore wind installation, Flex2power, located in Egersund. The Flex2power concept aims to harness renewable energy from wind, waves, and solar power on a floating platform offshore. Revolutionizing Offshore Wind Energy: A Groundbreaking Floating Installation Project The platform is a floating offshore wind turbine installation that […]