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Fault Finding by use of a Virtual System Model in SimulationX

The majority of complex subsea Power & Communication (P & C) systems will in their lifetime experience problems executing commands or giving feedback from subsea transducers. This can be software problems or malfunction in components. Some of the components will also see some degradation over time, which again can influence in system behaviour and require […]

SimulationX 3.8

Do you want to understand and master complex mechatronic interactions better? With the latest version of the system simulation software, SimulationX 3.8, you can model, simulate and optimize your technical systems for a sheer endless range of applications with a level of detail that is second to none! 25 years of modeling and simulation experience […]

SimulationX® interface to OrcaFlex for advanced numerical analysis of complete system dynamics

Modeling and simulation tools have developed into various software applications for different domains. Some tools specialize in finite element analysis, some in computational fluid dynamics, some in hydro-dynamics, others in hydraulic system response analysis, and so forth. Currently, there is no software provider which includes all physical domains in one single CAE tool. The CAE […]

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation: Enhanced Test Method for IWOCS

“We have always done it that way”. This can be seven expensive words if used in an industry that continuously search for safety improvement and cost reduction. Data Respons and Agito have performed a study where the scope is to explain how Hardware-In-the-Loop can be applied in the development of, and test of subsea control system […]

Release of SimulationX 3.7

Solving development tasks effectively with SimulationX 3.7 – New version of the popular simulation software now available The new release comes with enhanced functionalities and an unmatched usability for an efficient, intuitive design experience. Never before has it been easier to focus on what engineers are best at: finding the perfect design – from the […]

SimulationX® Replicates Reality

A question often asked is how well does a simulation model represent reality? This paper describes verification of simulation models with the help of real-life test results. The verifications were made by IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger) and Agito in connection with modifications to a subsea XT compensator circuit on a field operated by […]

Modeling And Simulation Of Subsea Chemical Distribution System

This article describes how, using modern tools such as SimulationX®, models of chemicals injection in subsea systems can be set up and used to verify the system’s functions and dynamic properties against one or several requirements specifications. Download pdf

Simulation of Tensioning Systems with the Belt Drives library in SimulationX®

Tensioning systems are widely used in offshore operations and typically consist of a number of sheaves and a wire. Even though the tensioning system consists of simple mechanical components, the dynamics of a such system is quite complex due to compliance and mass of the wire, contact between wire and sheaves, friction in sheaves and […]