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The universal CAE tool for modeling, analyzing and optimizing complex systems on a single software platform; with a subsea libraries to meet the unique needs of this industry.

SimulationX, a software produced by ESI ITI GmbH, is the trend-setter in physical system simulation; with ready-to-use model libraries for 1D mechanics, 2D planar mechanics, 3D multibody systems, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, electrics, electrical drives, magnetics as well as controls – post-processing included. The tool is unique in terms of library integration, modeling comfort and flexibility with an up-to-date user front end.

SimulationX was the first universal CAE tool with subsea specific hydraulic and electrical libraries.  It has quickly become the software of choice for complex dynamic analysis in the offshore/subsea industry.

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To make SimulationX the dynamic software of choice for the offshore/subsea and maritime industries, ESI ITI and Agito jointly developed subsea libraries with ready to use standard subsea component models, such as:

  • subsea control modules
  • umbilicals (horizontal-vertical and vertical-horizontal)
  • electrical power units
  • electrical junction boxes
  • transformer
  • subsea valves
  • deep-water accumulator
  • subsea compensators
  • ROV stabs; single line and double line

SubSea Hydraulic
is based on the existing SimulationX libraries Hydraulics, Mechanics and Signal Blocks. Hence all properties from these libraries are also available, for instance; pressure, temperature and gas fraction dependent hydraulic fluid properties. An extensive Fluid Library offers a great variety of pre-defined hydraulic fluids. Users can easily modify or enhance the list of pre-defined fluids at any time.

SubSea Electrical
is a specially designed library for modelling electrical systems in subsea environments. As power and signals in these applications are transmitted within one system, models built with SubSea Electrical can be used for both signal and power analysis

Reach your goals with the help of ready-to-use simulation models.

  • The software includes Hydraulics, Subsea Hydraulic, Subsea Electrical, Hydraulic Lubrication Systems, Pneumatics, Mechanics library and many more!

  • Ready-to-use simulation models and pre-configured components

  • Rapid control prototyping

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SimulationX offers a full stack of software for modelling, simulating and analyzing technical systems, including mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, and controls, as well as thermal, magnetic, and other physical behavior.
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Without the right technology in place, it’s going to be extremely manual to leverage data. Being able to identify potential design problems early has become even harder without the right solution. Today’s design complexity demands continuous and integrated engineering. Being able to integrate these systems better and faster then the new competition with require simulation software. The SimulationX SubSea libraries for hydraulics as well as for power and communication analyses are specially designed for the needs of the oil and gas industry and holds multiple processes together to create an integrated system.

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Increase productivity by combining data coming from test and simulation using our Subsea models and methodologies. SimulationX has everything you need to break the silos between design, manufacturing, and maintenance and lets you move much faster by putting the power back in your hands.

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