About Us

Agito, an innovative, international consulting and software distribution company specializing in the modelling, analysis and simulation of hydraulic, electrical and fluid systems. For more than 30 years, Agito engineers have gained extensive knowledge of control systems and dynamic simulation. Our primary goal is to enable our clients to accurately analyse their dynamic systems. Our services include simulation projects, third-party reviews and verification.

Innovative – Our creative work environment attracts bright engineers that want to conquer the never ending new challenges in this industry.

Cutting Edge – Our understanding of the unique challenges in the subsea industry allows us to develop state of the art tools for analyzing complex dynamic systems.

Problem solversOur resources come with many years of hands-on experience allowing us to support all your simulation needs.

Independent – We are a fully independent company and our specialized engineers are 100% focused on optimizing our clients dynamic systems – solely, discretely and dependably for them.

SimulationX www.simulationX.com , is developed by ESI ITI GmbH in Germany, and it is the trend-setter in physical system simulation. Agito are proud to be working in partnership with ESI ITI GmbH. SimulationX meets the specific needs of the offshore/subsea industry. It was the first universal CAE tool with subsea specific libraries. The libraries, which are developed by Agito and ESI ITI, have ready to use subsea component models, such as; umbilical’s, subsea control modules, electrical power units, electrical junction boxes, transformer, subsea valves, deep-water accumulator, subsea compensators and ROV stabs.